The Company

Hopscotch Care Limited

Hopscotch Care is a company based in Carnforth Lancashire. It has three homes in Carnforth one in Carlisle and two in Heysham near Morecambe . The homes provide the best quality residential care facility for young people from the ages of 11-17 on a long term basis but with the facility for emergency placements if there are any vacancies and the matching process is satisfactory. The properties and have been established specifically to provide a child centred approach to improving outcomes.

The Company Aim

From the initial commissioning of the placement to the day of leaving the intention is to provide the very highest quality environment and support necessary to maximise the chances of successful outcomes for the young person. 

This includes a pathway planning programme ensuring the transfer to independent living will give the young person the best possible opportunities to further their education, training, and employment and support their move into adulthood.

The Care Programme

In order to achieve the company’s aims and objectives the care and assessment programmes, education and training, health and social interaction will be of the highest quality for the young person

The staff and young people are supported by a very experienced Child Psychologist who specialises in therapeutic care techniques and this is combined with “Berri testing” to monitor the progress young people are making and to ensure that the child is treated as a unique individual receiving the specific types of care and support they need. 

The DfE Quality Standards have been considered and the living environment and care programme reflects these, designed to raise aspirations individually and as an organisation. Measuring starting points and progress is crucial to evidencing the improvements in the young people's social, emotional, health and educational attainments. The Berri assessments are carried out at three monthly intervals and new therapeutic plans reviewed and updated based on clinical assessments of progress.

Recording and Administration 

The company has specialist Access software to provide the best support for recording, planning ,staffing, training and ensuring the quality standards are being monitored and met at every stage.

There is a full time Operations Manager, Compliance and Referrals Manager and Administrator as well as the Four Directors ensuring the homes and the company are run with the best interests of the young people at heart.


Over 90 staff are employed by Hopscotch Care and recruiting, training and developing these people into the leaders and managers of the future is one of the main aims of the company. The homes have their own staff teams with a Manager, Deputy, one or more team leaders and then full and part time RCCW's and Waking Watch staff.  There is a comprehensive induction programme for new staff and enrolment on the NVQ level 3 and 5 courses takes place as soon as possible. The company has  it has its own Team Teach trainers as well as staff who run courses on CSE, safeguarding, self- harming, amongst others. 

Establishing a strong and stable staff team is important to us and we encourage this through shared activities, community involvement and having fun!